Solutions for Hotel Cleaning

PathoSans solutions for hotel cleaning create a level of clean that can be felt. PathoSans electrochemically-activated (ECA) solutions wash away dirt and pathogens without leaving any residue that dulls the surface. Harsh cleaning chemicals can trigger uncomfortable reactions in employees and customers with chemical sensitivities; even fragrances can be an irritant. PathoSans simple solutions are non-irritating, and fragrance-free yet powerful and highly effective.

Housekeepers at Thunder Valley Casino Resort were asking to use PathoSans.


Hotel Rooms

In 2015, the supply of U.S. hotels tipped over five million rooms. Housekeeping staffs at over 53,000 hotel properties are tasked with keeping those rooms clean and safe for guests of all backgrounds and states of wellness.  For hotels to create a safe environment, they must assume that guests may be carrying dangerous pathogens and clean guest rooms and restrooms accordingly. When housekeepers use PathoClean followed by PathoCide they kill 99.999% of dangerous pathogens like C. difficile, norovirus, MRSA, salmonella, and E. coli. PathoSans solutions are effective in seconds, while many traditional cleaning chemicals must dwell for minutes in order to be effective. This speeds up housekeeping tasks and ensures cleaning effectiveness.


Most hotels face the dual challenge of maintaining a hotel and restaurants simultaneously. That means food safety, from the dining room to the guest rooms, is a top priority. Not only does the PathoSans system produce solutions that reliably kill harmful pathogens, it also produces a solution gentle enough to safely wash produce. PathoClean effectively strips away layers of built up grease. As a result, food surfaces are cleaner, appliances are shinier, and floors become more slip resistant.

Common Areas

PathoSans ECA solutions are also effective on glass, mirrors, carpet, draperies, upholstery, walls, linens, wood floors, marble, concrete, and granite. The vast majority of luxury materials that make hotel common areas special and memorable can be tackled with PathoSans ECA solutions. They can even be used on chrome and stainless steel with a simple rinse or wipe dry. Two PathoSans solutions, generated on-site and on demand, replace many specialized chemicals that have to be ordered, mixed, and carried.

Today’s hotel guests know the dangers of improperly cleaned spaces. Articles circulate on social media about how to disinfect a hotel room, which things in a hotel room you shouldn’t touch, and how to stay healthy while traveling. The conversation about hotel health is already happening before someone ever books a room at your hotel, and one negative review could make sure that booking never comes in.

PathoSans on-site generated cleaning and disinfecting solutions keep hotels spotless in the face of high occupancy rates. There is no concern of running low or reordering, because solutions are produced on-demand. Always ready-to-use, two solutions, PathoClean and PathoCide can replace most daily cleaning chemicals on a housekeeper’s cart or storage shelf.