A new era of cleaning has arrived in Australia, with PathoSans changing the way we think about chemicals. That is because PathoSans is non-toxic, safe for you, your family and your business whilst being 99.999% effective at killing disease-causing microbes.

PathsoSans provides you with the equipment to create the electrochemically activated solution using nothing more than salt and water as the base ingredients. It’s using seriously good chemistry to save the environment, create a safer workplace and save your bottom line.

At PathoSans, we believe that cleaning is truly an expression of caring – about the well-being of your loved ones, your friends, your business, your reputation and the planet.

We are delighted to say that schools no longer have to expose students, staff and other people to toxic chemicals that can do real harm. Neither do retailers, restaurants, hotels or building service contractors.

Spraying Systems Co ® has launched a new logo for PathoSans to reflect its place as the cleaner of the 21st century. The spraying icon highlights the versatility of PathoSans cleaners. PathoSans can be applied using spray bottles, floor cleaning equipment, electrostatic sprayers or a variety of other methods to clean and disinfect surfaces.

PathoSans, The Clean That Says You Care

With the unique ability for PathoSans to be created on-site for both commercial and industrial settings, you can make the exact amount you need to produce. This is great news for your bottom line and for the environment. PathoClean® is a cleaner and degreaser that is created using just salt, water and electricity. It is the ideal non-irritating alternative to conventional toxic chemicals.

Our electrochemically-activated solutions are changing the culture of cleaning by making it safer and more environmentally friendly. We are proud to help Australian’s and Kiwi’s uphold cleanliness and showcase their care and commitment to their customers, employees and families.