PathoSans removes bad odours – for GOOD!

PathoSans will remove bad odours without adding additional smells to the room. This is because PathoSans does not just mask smells, it removes them!

Have you ever wondered why some “bad odours” just never go away, no matter how clean the room is? As you reach for the “fragrant” room fresheners again, you realise that you are inhaling these toxic chemicals again. Maybe you are even allergic to the fragrance. Then, after using half of the can to achieve the desired results, all you’ve done is temporarily layered that fragrance over the top of the odour.

To help restore the natural scent of the environment without using harsh chemicals, you can use PathoSans. Our lab-tested disinfectant/sanitiser ‘PathoCide,’ can sanitise not only hard surfaces but also remove foul odours, restoring your immediate environment to the way it was.

How can we do what most others can’t? The active molecule in PathoCide is hypochlorous acid which, unlike the formulation of “fragrant” sprays, doesn’t attempt to inhibit the odorous compounds. Instead, it eradicates them, leaving no odour behind. In addition, since PathoSans uses nothing more than salt, water and electricity as the input ingredients, the resulting solutions PathoCide and PathoClean are not only non-toxic, they leave no trace of residues behind.

So protect yourself and the people you care about from harsh chemicals, switch to PathoSans, The clean that says you care.

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