PathoSans Bob Chinn's Crab House Case Study

Coming Home to Great Seafood, and Cleaning

By Allen P. Rathey

In the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding – one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies ever – the Greek father, Gus, sprayed Windex® on everything as a cure-all. His catchphrase was: “Put some Windex on it!”

He also ran a restaurant in Chicago. Bob Chinn’s Crab House, in Wheeling IL, a Chicago suburb – one of the highest grossing independent restaurants in the country – has a similar but different credo: “Put some PathoSans on it!”  The multipurpose solutions help keep the restaurant looking and smelling fresh.

Maile Chinn (pronounced “mi-lee”), granddaughter of founder Bob Chinn, is a strong believer in the on-site PathoSans ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) cleaning and disinfecting system producing two ready-to-use solutions – PathoClean and PathoCide – using just salt, water and electricity.

PathoClean and PathoCide keep Bob Chinn's Crabhouse Fresh

“Usage and training are simple,” Maile adds. “You have just two solutions, and no mixing or measurement.”

She credits founder Bob Chinn as their inspiration for quality, excellence, and cleanliness, emphasizing that the Chinns and their 250 workers, “put customer service and quality first, and strive to provide great seafood in a clean facility, as we consider this our home.”

Bob Chinn’s brings great seafood home by flying in thousands of pounds of fresh seafood weekly, and serving 700,000 meals a year in the 650-seat dining area.

“Fresh” describes more than the seafood. Maile says: “There is no ‘fishy’ smell in the busy restaurant because fresh seafood does not have an odor.”

PathoSans helps sustain the fresh, welcoming ambiance: Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing for organic soils after cleaning showed PathoSans solutions provide near-total removal of odor causing soils.

Maile concludes with an anecdote on the utility of PathoSans:

“We were surprised and delighted when we brought some PathoClean home and it worked wonderfully for cleaning clothes and carpet.”

Per Maile, the Chinns have found almost unlimited uses for it, and now often invoke Gus in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but change the catchphrase to: “‘Put some PathoSans on it!’”

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