How Clean Schools Help Create Successful Students 

Keep Schools Clean with PathoSans

Cleanliness plays an important role in the lives of all students, teachers, staff and guests who enter a school building. If a school’s staff cleans inconsistently or ineffectively, it could put the health and academic performance of students in jeopardy. But with the right products and an optimal cleaning process in place, educational institutions large and small can create an environment conducive to healthy and successful students.

Supporting Student Health

A school is at its best when all contributing members are healthy and present. Using cleaning and disinfecting solutions that support occupant health is one key step toward a truly clean campus. The other crucial factor is which systems and processes schools put in place for efficient and effective use of these solutions.

  • Put safety first

Utilizing safe, versatile cleaning and disinfecting products promotes student and staff health and attendance. Facility managers should choose solutions with no additives to promote good indoor air quality, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Association (EPA) says that pollutants and irritants produced by some cleaning products can “impact student attendance, comfort and performance.” Your cleaner and disinfectant should be proven to kill a variety of pathogens while being non-irritating to people.

  • Clean then disinfect. 

The best sequence for a hygienic school involves cleaning first and disinfecting second. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines cleaning as the removal of unwanted matter from surfaces and objects. Cleaning professionals should focus on cleaning high-touch surfaces such as desks, computer keyboards, lunch tables and doorknobs. While cleaning solutions can help reduce populations of germs on these and other surfaces, they aren’t designed to kill germs. Effective disinfectants kill pathogens and can help control dangerous microorganisms like streptococcus and norovirus that impact attendance.

  • Simplify your system and process. 

On-site generation of cleaning and disinfecting solutions is an affordable and sustainable option for schools that ensures solutions are always within reach. Look for a system that quickly and reliably produces two solutions that can replace a variety of products. In addition to narrowing a school’s inventory, this can reduce the risk of accidentally creating harmful chemical mixtures. This simpler approach also streamlines training for cleaning professionals and helps custodians more easily understand where and what to clean and disinfect.

Smarter Cleaning

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that “missing school hurts academic performance.” As a result, schools should do everything in their power to keep students coming to campus each day, healthy and ready to learn. A successful school cleaning program should incorporate a safe-to-use cleaner, a disinfectant capable of killing the pathogens that cause sick days and an on-site generation system that quickly creates these solutions and protects against wasted resources and harmful chemical mixtures.

A well-planned cleaning program has the power to boost attendance numbers, which tends to support better academic performance. In some states, government financing for schools is tied to attendance statistics – meaning that a clean school could lead to not only healthy, successful students, but also much-needed funding as schools feel pressure to do more with less.

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