Effective & Sustainable: The Next Era of Disinfection


A teacher cleaning a desk

How can facilities meet sustainability goals while assuring these spaces are effectively cleaned and disinfected? Our article for the Illinois Association of School Business Officials discusses how on-site generation of electrochemically-activated solutions supports sustainability and safety.

This article was originally featured in the Fall 2021 Illinois ASBO UPDATE Magazine.

Download the article: Effective & Sustainable: The Next Era of Disinfection

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“ The PathoSans team is great: they set up and fine- tuned our system, and now we have a continuous supply of high-performance solutions. We do not need to order or pay for packaged chemicals, or worry about anything!”

“ We like the simplicity. It’s as easy as pushing a button, then opening a valve for the solution: a degreaser for our pots, pans, sinks and floors, and a sanitizer for our tables, cutting boards, utensils, anywhere we need to sanitize.”

“ We feel fantastic about the system because it’s completely green, saves us considerable money, and helps ensure employee and guest safety.”