How to Scale Cleaning Frequency and Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions with On-site Generation

With coronavirus now a pandemic and more cases emerging each day, many facilities are scrambling to secure supplies of cleaning and disinfecting products as they ramp up their efforts to fight the virus. Major retailers, restaurants and corporate office are among the facilities making major changes to their cleaning programs, with some cleaning high touch surfaces every half hour to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Using an on-site generation (OSG) system that produces cleaning and disinfecting solutions inside the facility enables rapid scale-up to meet increased cleaning and sanitation requirements. It also protects against supply chain disruptions and possible shortages of conventional chemicals.

Meeting Cleaning Demands

OSG is the creation of cleaning solutions through electrochemically activated water technology, on demand and on site. The process involves electrolysis, the basic chemical reaction that uses only water, salt and electricity to produce two solutions: a cleaner and a disinfectant.  Most facilities can replace all the conventional chemicals in use with these two solutions. This enables simplified cleaning protocols in addition to being able to produce solutions on demand.

Using OSG to your Advantage during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus can easily spread between individuals and from dirty surfaces to people. It’s important for every facility to clean and disinfect properly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Consider the following best practices:

  • Clean frequently – produce as much cleaner and disinfectant as needed on demand, right in your facility. Avoid being dependent on suppliers for cleaning supplies that may not be available.
  • Clean effectively – use a sanitizer/disinfectant that can be used against the 2019 novel coronavirus on pre-cleaned hard, non-porous surfaces and follow the usage instructions regarding two-step cleaning and proper dwell times.
  • Clean safely – conquering COVID-19 doesn’t require exposing workers or facility guests to more harsh chemicals. Use solutions that are eye- and skin-safe and fragrance-free.
  • Clean responsibly – Use non-hazardous solutions that are drain- and disposal-friendly.

Safer for Frequent Use by Workers

Increased cleaning doesn’t have to mean increased use of harsh chemicals.  OSG systems that  produce a sodium hydroxide all-purpose cleaner and a hypochlorous acid disinfectant are non-irritating to eyes and skin and fragrance-free. Facilities can scale up cleaning efforts without fear that employees will have negative reactions to cleaning solutions.

A Better Approach

In an age when illness can quickly spread to pandemic-level proportions, it’s important for facilities to have the right infrastructure in place for cleaning. Switching to OSG ensures that safe, sustainable and effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions are always available. It also allows facilities to easily step up the production of these solutions as the demand for them increases. To manage cleaning and disinfecting during the coronavirus pandemic, choose a reliable and easy-to-use on-site generation system to encourage employees to regularly address all high-touch surfaces.

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“ The PathoSans team is great: they set up and fine- tuned our system, and now we have a continuous supply of high-performance solutions. We do not need to order or pay for packaged chemicals, or worry about anything!”

“ We like the simplicity. It’s as easy as pushing a button, then opening a valve for the solution: a degreaser for our pots, pans, sinks and floors, and a sanitizer for our tables, cutting boards, utensils, anywhere we need to sanitize.”

“ We feel fantastic about the system because it’s completely green, saves us considerable money, and helps ensure employee and guest safety.”