Humane Society Cleaning with ECA Creates a Better Environment

Coastal Human Society Cleans to Protect Animals, People, and the Planet from Harm

By Allen P. Rathey

The nonprofit Coastal Humane Society of Maine operates two animal shelters in Mid-Coast Maine, caring for more than “4,500 stray, abused or abandoned cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs annually” with a total staff of more than 35 and upwards of 100 volunteers serving at the main Brunswick and the smaller Lincoln County facilities.

According to Joe Montisano, Executive Director – with 25 years of experience protecting animals; 11 of those as CEO of the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens – that means daily cleaning and disinfecting to remove frequent messes animals make, followed by weekly deep cleaning and disinfecting.

However, all that cleaning and disinfecting was raising exposure and efficacy concerns involving the use of conventional chemicals.

“Previously, we were using an excellent chemical disinfecting product, but it required a lengthy dwell time of perhaps 15 minutes. This greatly slowed the process, and because of exposure concerns, we would need to move an animal out, spray on the solution, rinse it, and finally dry then ventilate the kennel, before bringing the animal back in. That whole process was: a) potentially harmful to people, animals and the environment, b) expensive, and c) time consuming.”

Humane Society Turns to ECA

A system, manufactured by PathoSans®, provides onsite generation of cleaning and sanitizing solutions by ElectroChemical Activation (ECA) of tap water. This provided an answer for the Coastal Humane Society as it produces a powerful cleaner (PathoClean®) and a disinfectant (PathoCide®) with excellent performance, reduced toxicity, and no unwanted or residual chemicals.

PathoSans offers multiple benefits, including sustainability, because it eliminates the need for buying, shipping, storing, handling and disposing of most conventional cleaning chemicals and their packaging by producing a sustainable “greener” cleaner, sanitizer, and disinfectant – reducing the use of packaged chemicals by up to 85-90%.

Joe chose PathoSans for a “Trifecta” of benefits:

  1. Both solutions offer reduced toxicity to people, animals and the environment.
  2. PathoCide kills 99.99% of bacteria in seconds not minutes, making operations more effective and efficient, while significantly reducing odors.
  3. Cost savings and economics – The Coastal Humane Society system has a payback of less than one year.

Following best practices, Coastal Humane Society pre-cleans using PathoClean, followed by disinfecting with PathoCide. The Green-Seal Certified PathoClean solution cleans as well as well-known packaged chemicals, and is safe around people and animals. “If the animals get the cleaner on their skin or in their eyes, it is not going to harm them, so this is a huge advantage.”

“The benefits of using PathoCide are also major, not only because of costs at just pennies per gallon, but there is very little wait or dwell-time.” By following PathoSans cleaning protocol sanitizing occurs within 10 seconds, compared to 10-15 minutes with the previous chemical product − and without harsh exposures.

Humane Society Cleaning

A Simple, Easy to Use System

The PathoSans solutions are easy to use, require no mixing, leave no chemical residue, and have a 30-day-plus shelf life, so solutions may be used by any employee on most washable surfaces and spray bottles may be kept at point-of use throughout the facility. There is very little ongoing maintenance needed other than replenishing or “topping off” of salt (similar to a water conditioner), minor system checks and cleaning.

“The single system is located in the kennel area near the dogs, but we use it everywhere, taking it where needed. We fill up garden sprayers and bottles in the morning, and the system regenerates into the storage tanks (26 gallons each) within an hour or so. I check the concentration and add salt weekly – it takes from 30 seconds to a few minutes tops. There are many advantages, and simply no downside. We even wash our dishes in it.”

Montisano, his staff and volunteers, care about the hundreds of animals arriving monthly atCoastal Humane Society in varying states of health, injury or illness. Adopting the PathoSans environmentally-preferable cleaning and disinfecting system for on-site generation of solutions, enablesCoastal Humane Society to save money for a better bottom line, while, more importantly, sheltering precious animals, people and planet from harm.

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