The Basics and Benefits of Generating Electrochemically-activated Solutions


Two things challenge most facility managers: resources and time. To better manage both, many facility managers have three key areas of focus: frequency, surfaces and methods. Read on to learn how an easy transition to electrochemically-activated (ECA) cleaning and disinfecting solutions will allow you to do more with less while addressing cleaning frequency, surfaces and methods.

The Basics of Electrochemically-activated Solutions

Generated on-site, ECA solutions allow facilities to clean as frequently as needed, clean and disinfect numerous types of surfaces and adhere to the most effective methods for infection prevention. An on-site generation (OSG) system uses a simple chemical process called electrolysis to produce a multi-purpose cleaner and a sanitizer/disinfectant – two effective ECA solutions. The only required ingredients are water, salt and electricity.

ECA solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin, unlike many conventional chemicals. Facilities professionals understand their responsibility to protect occupant well-being, and using OSG can help achieve this goal. The solutions require no mixing, which eliminates the risk of inadvertent improper dilutions or hazardous chemical mixtures. ECA products also contain no added fragrance and help target odors. Together, these factors promote worker and building occupant satisfaction, health and safety.

Because of the simplicity, effectiveness and reduced risks of using ECA solutions, many facilities, including school districts, are making the switch.

ECA Solutions and Compatibility with Cleaning Frequency, Surfaces and Methods

Consider the following advantages related to using ECA solutions for cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Uphold cleaning frequencies. A recent survey revealed that more than three in five Americans (61%) would feel more confident in a facility if it has implemented additional cleaning and disinfecting protocols in response to the pandemic. OSG systems allow facility managers to step up the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting by producing a greater volume of solutions on demand. This is an asset at a time when many facilities are cleaning more regularly to reduce the spread of pathogens and showcase to the public their dedication to hygiene. OSG systems also allow added flexibility. For example, if an outbreak of illness occurs or a winter storm causes visitors to drag in snow, dirt and debris from outside, facilities can simply increase the system’s output. As infectious disease risk levels decrease, cleaning teams can produce lower volumes while still having peace of mind they can scale cleaning and disinfecting at a moment’s notice.
  • Manage multiple types of surfaces. Staff need just two ECA solutions to address a wide variety of surfaces, improving efficiency and simplicity. ECA solutions effectively remove soils, kill bacteria and inactivate viruses on high-touch surfaces, from metal door handles to marble countertops or glass windows. Professionals use the multi-purpose cleaner first to remove surface soils and then apply the disinfectant for added assurance. Over time, ECA solutions help restore the look of surfaces and finishes by targeting built-up layers of soil, making facilities look cleaner than ever.
  • Comply with recommended cleaning methods. Cleaning professionals can deploy ECA solutions across a number of different cleaning applications. The OSG system dispenses cleaning and disinfecting solutions into refillable bottles, which employees can use with cleaning cloths when employing the “spray-and-wipe” method. Staff can also fill ride-on, walk-behind or robotic autoscrubber tanks to clean floors, buckets for mopping or electrostatic sprayers that enable quick and efficient cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach areas. This adaptability makes ECA solutions a great fit for a wide variety of facilities.

Better for Everyone

Effective, simple, sustainable and non-irritating cleaning and disinfecting solutions are the future of facility cleaning programs. They open the door to more frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces, and are well-suited for many cleaning methods. Because of their compatibility with cleaning frequency, surfaces and methods, on-site generation of ECA solutions helps facility managers create a cleaning program that better supports employees, building occupants and visitors.

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“ The PathoSans team is great: they set up and fine- tuned our system, and now we have a continuous supply of high-performance solutions. We do not need to order or pay for packaged chemicals, or worry about anything!”

“ We like the simplicity. It’s as easy as pushing a button, then opening a valve for the solution: a degreaser for our pots, pans, sinks and floors, and a sanitizer for our tables, cutting boards, utensils, anywhere we need to sanitize.”

“ We feel fantastic about the system because it’s completely green, saves us considerable money, and helps ensure employee and guest safety.”