Cleaning with PathoSans at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Bright Service, Powerful Cleaning

Thunder is a resounding sign of power following a brilliant lightning flash. The Thunder Valley Casino Resort, in Lincoln, CA, near Sacramento, follows a brilliant guest experience with a powerful cleaning program, consistently earning a AAA Four Diamond rating and Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

After research and testing, the luxury resort launched a high-performance green cleaning program using the PathoSans® on-site generation system using electro-chemical activation  (ECA) technology.

PathoSans uses water, salt and electricity to make both PathoClean®, a general purpose cleaner/degreaser, and PathoCide®, a hypochlorous acid sanitizer/disinfectant. The solutions are ready-to-use, with a 30-day or greater shelf life, and help meet sustainability goals as there is no product or packaging to ship, store, or dispose of in landfills. With support from operations, the housekeeping department rolled out PathoSans ECA through 100 housekeepers cleaning 408 guest rooms and 46 suites in the 17-story hotel. Implementation coincided with growing staff enthusiasm. Per the lead housekeeper: “We tested it on two floors, and let our team work with it there, starting small, and it spread by word of mouth. The first team told the other teams that it worked well. We did not force adoption, but once others heard about it, they all wanted it.” The VP of operations adds: “Housekeepers were asking us when they could get the product on their floors. It caught on quickly, faster than I anticipated.”

Powerful Cleaning at Resort

Workers liked that the solutions are as effective as conventional cleaners and disinfectants. “It cleans the grout really well. Before, when we were using a conventional chemical, housekeepers would struggle and scrub more, whereas PathoClean cleans the grout easily—better than the standard chemical,” notes a housekeeping supervisor. PathoClean has transformed the cleaning of guest rooms. Bathrooms have separate glass-enclosed showers plus a bathtub. PathoClean has removed deposits on the showers, without leaving residue. Due to on-site “activation” the molecules in the PathoSans solutions are effective at low concentrations. “Workers are no longer getting rashes from harsh chemicals,” adds the executive housekeeper. Bright Service, Powerful Impact Largely due to the cleaning program, Thunder Valley rooms are clean, bright, and customer-pleasing, and guests enjoy the fragrance-free stay. Beyond creating a radiant guest experience, using ECA has a resounding impact on the bottom line: “We are seeing significant savings in reducing chemical use by 50% with an ROI or payback of 12-18 months,” concludes the VP of operations.

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