Environmentally Responsible Commercial Cleaning Products

Your search for environmentally responsible commercial cleaning products is over. PathoSans on-site generation system creates electrochemically-activated solutions using only salt, tap water, and electricity. When you generate your own cleaning solutions on site and on demand, you eliminate the environmental impact from the distribution and disposal of hazardous conventional chemicals, all while creating a pristine and healthy indoor environment. 

PathoSans cleaning solutions are effective due to hypochlorous acid, the same solution produced by the human body to fight off invading pathogens. These gentle cleaning solutions can be used effectively on most surfaces where water can be used. They leave no residue behind, because there are no added fragrances, detergents, surfactants, or colorants.

PathoSans Environmentally Responsible All-Purpose Cleaner and Sanitizer contain ZERO: 

  • anti-foaming agents  
  • foaming agents 
  • perfumes  
  • phthalates  
  • perchloroethylene  
  • colorants 
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) 
  • triclosan  
  • 2-butoxyethanol 
  • ammonia 
  • other additives 

LEED Approved Cleaning Products 

Created by the United States Green Building Council, LEED is the most commonly used green building rating system in the word. The acronym stands for Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design. LEED-certified facilities follow a framework to create a healthy, efficient, and sustainable indoor environment. PathoSans electrochemically-activated solutions are recognized by LEED as a part of an effective environmentally responsible cleaning program.  

Green Seal GS-37 Cleaner and Degreaser 

PathoSans on-site generation system produces two environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that can replace a whole shelf of harsh chemical cleaners. PathoClean, an all-purpose cleaner, also serves as degreaser, stainless steel cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and glass/mirror cleaner. PathoCide is a non-toxic sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer suitable for food preparation surfaces, high-touch points, restroom cleaning, and other sensitive environments.   

Trading in a large number of cleaning products for just two drastically reduces the environmental impact of chemical manufacturing, transportation, and packaging. Switching to PathoSans cleaning solutions enables up to a 95 percent reduction of daily-use cleaning chemicals and packaging. When combined, PathoClean and PathoCide neutralize in the drain for easy, harmless disposal.

*These device-generated solutions meet Green Seal Standard GS-53 or GS-37 based on effective performance, concentration of product, minimized packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human and environmental toxicity.

How PathoSans Can Help You Meet Your Sustainable Cleaning Goals 

Reduce Waste
PathoSans enables up to 95 percent reduction of daily-use chemicals and packaging. 

Reuse Packaging
Refill spray bottles over and over again, reducing the number of bottles that end up in landfills or recycling plants.  

Use Less Water
Surfaces cleaning with PathoSans electrochemically-activated solutions require less rinsing due to the fact that PathoSans solutions leave no chemical residue.  

Lower Your Carbon Footprint 
On-site generation eliminates the fuel cost and carbon emissions from transporting cleaning chemicals over long distances.  

Durable System Design
The elegant design of the PathoSans system uses the natural laws of physics to its advantage. With no pumps and few moving parts, it is easy to install and maintain for a long useful life. 

“The product is non-toxic to humans. It is made without carcinogens of any kind. The product has been tested to product performance requirements. So when you see the Green Seal on the packaging, not only are you getting a product that you know has been formulated according to the Green Seal requirements, you are also getting a product that works.”

Mark Stanland, Vice President of Client Services, Green Seal

“With PathoSans, we have reduced our need to train our staff on which chemicals can be combined and which chemicals can be used where. Plus, we don’t have as many truck deliveries as we did before. We use only these two products in cleaning our facility at this time.”

Mike Fitzgerald, General Manager, MIT Endicott House

“In my 20 years of facilities operations, the PathoSans system is the best cleaning solution I have ever used. PathoSans is environmentally responsible, less expensive than purchasing bottles, drums or chemical mixing stations and very user friendly. The staff loves it and the building is by far the cleanest I’ve worked in.”

Sean Langer, Director of Operations, KFC Yum Center

“Knowing it was not going to harm our housekeepers using the products day-in and day-out was vital.”

Luz Alfaro, Director of Housekeeping, The Marker Hotel San Francisco