Carpet Cleaning with an ECA Solution in Six Steps

PathoSans Carpet Cleaning ECA solutions

Carpet Cleaning with an ECA Solution in Six Steps

The non-profit Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) sets standards for manufacturing and maintenance of carpets and rugsIn their resource, CRI 204 Commercial Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning, they define carpet cleaning: 

Deep carpet cleaning returns the carpet to a relatively clean condition and uses systems that extract accumulated soils and cleaning residues at a higher intensity to maximize removal of embedded soils. 

Their standards go further, stipulating that effective cleaning systems should leave minimum residue while being safe and easy to use. PathoSans ElectroChemically-Activated solutions check all of the boxes. 

PathoSans PathoCIde carpet cleaning

ECA solutions can tackle more than just hard surfaces.

PathoSans system generates a carpet cleaning solution on-site using only salt, water, and electricity. On-site generation reduces waste from chemical shipping and packaging by dispensing solution right where it is needed, in the facility. The resulting solution is gentle on people and surfaces and extremely effective on carpets. Most importantly, ECA solutions leave behind no-residue, helping to prevent re-soiling and chemical buildup. This blog will cover the six steps for carpet cleaning with PathoSans ECA solutions. 


ECA Carpet Cleaning Steps:

1. Vacuum thoroughly for at least four passes 

It is essential to remove as much dry soil as possible from the carpet prior to cleaning. When vacuuming prior to cleaning, take your time. The recommended rate is 1.8 feet per second. 

PathoSans carpet cleaning ECA solutions

Vacuum thoroughly before carpet cleaning.


2. Spray heated ECA solution

Use the solution as produced or with a heat-tolerant sprayer to evenly coat the area with ECA solution. 


3. Use a groomer tool to agitate 

Work solution into the carpet with a groomer tool. This provides the necessary friction to dislodge soils embedded in the fibers. 


4. Leave the solution to dwell for five minutes

Allow the solution to set for a few minutes. Again, this gives the solution time to saturate the carpet fibers and capture deeply embedded soil. 

PathoSans Carpet Cleaning

Allow the solution to dwell for 5 minutes.


5. Remove soiled solution with a heated extractor 

Use a heated SOA-certified deep cleaning extractor to remove the soiled solution from the carpet. Be careful to cover the entire surface area and capture as much moisture as possible. 


6. Allow floor to dry completely before returning to service

Traffic across a damp area leads to re-soiling and increased risk of slip-and-fall accidents. As much as you can, limit access to the area until it is completely dry. Expedite drying with increased ventilation, either using commercial air movers, dehumidifiers, or the building’s HVAC system. 



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