Cleaning During the Holidays: Three Reminders for Cleaning Contractors

Holiday Cleaning PathoSans

Cleaning During the Holidays: Three Reminders for Cleaning Contractors

Cleaning contractors have their work cut out for them during the holiday season. Winter weather brings snow, salt, and moisture into the building. The prevalence of flus and colds demand the best in infection prevention. Lastly, holiday parties lead to even more foot traffic along with food and beverage cleanup. The way cleaning contractors handle these three holiday cleaning challenges will determine the success of the holiday season and the end of the year.

1. Bid for Winter Weather

Holiday Cleaning PathoSans

Bid for winter weather

Winter weather creates a host of risks and cleaning challenges. Snow, ice, and rain create slipping hazards both indoors and outdoors. Ice melt gets tracked into the building where it eats away at floor finishes, creating a dingy appearance. Cleaning up after winter weather can take long workdays and special equipment to meet the customer’s needs. If you haven’t bid the whole year with these costs in mind, you may find yourself footing the bill for extra winter weather cleanup. When you calculate your bid for next year, use this year’s winter weather cleanup as a template. Consider adding special equipment like wet/dry vacuums or cordless equipment to clean while the building is occupied. Don’t forget to account for the extra labor and any overtime that it might entail.

2. Prioritize Infection Prevention

Winter weather also brings an assault on the immune systems of building occupants. Before cases of the flu and the common cold start to move around the office, cleaning contractors must prioritize infection prevention and take action. Start by opening discussion with your customers about the importance of sick people staying home from work. Place hand sanitizer at strategic locations around the building and encourage occupants to use it regularly. Disinfection supplies often run low during flu season, so order ahead of time. Review frequencies of touch point disinfection and step them up when building occupants have been ill. It’s also a good time of year to retrain staff on the two-step process of cleaning and effective disinfection practices.

3. Create a Holiday Party Plan

PathoSans Holiday Cleaning

Have a holiday party plan in place

If the challenges of winter weather and infection prevention aren’t enough, most offices throw a holiday party this time of year. Holiday parties add increased foot traffic to food and beverage cleanup. Create a holiday party plan and present it to your customers. Explain how you will help your customer put their best foot forward by cleaning before the party and how you will be handling cleanup after. Chances are, you won’t be there during the party, so educate your customer on how to handle spills until you can spot treat. Encourage them to skip the red wine in favor of white wine or champagne, which generally don’t stain carpets or upholstery. Also remind customers that the fridge will be cleaned out during the Christmas break, so no food should be left behind.

When it comes to cleaning during the holidays, commercial cleaners must prepare to succeed. When cleaners bid for wet weather, prioritize infection prevention, and plan for holiday parties, they set themselves up for a successful holiday season.


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