Green Cleaning Blog: Our Top 10 Posts from 2019 

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We had a big year at PathoSans. We worked with professional cleaners all over the country to improve cleaning with PathoSans technology. We also researched and created many blogs about the day-to-day challenges of cleaning. Below we recap our top 10 green cleaning blogs of 2019. 


1. Water + Salt + Electricity: The Basics of ElectroChemically-Activated Cleaning Solutions

Our first blog of 2019 also ended up being one of the most popular. It breaks down the history of ElectroChemically-Activated solutions (ECAs) and explains the major differentiators between each innovation. 

PathoSans ECA Solutions 2019

Water + Salt + Electricity = ECA Solutions

The technology behind ECAs is roughly 40 years old, but the idea of replacing harmful industrial cleaners with safer solutions generated on site and on demand is a fairly new and innovative idea. 


2. Cleaning to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections

Healthcare facilities face the immense challenge of cleaning to prevent hospital-acquired infections. In this blog, we covered the importance of science-based cleaning and disinfection processes to defeat pathogens. 

In order to best clean for the prevention of HAIs, it’s important to be familiar with the target organisms that are responsible for the majority of patient infections. 


3. Three Ways Cleaning Pros are at Risk of Injury 

Unfortunately, professional cleaners are at greater risk of injury than workers in most other industries. Cleaning managers need to be aware of the tasks and situations that put cleaners at risk, so they can mitigate that risk. This blog covers the primary three ways that cleaning pros are at risk, and what managers can do about it. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, janitors and building cleaners experience a high number of nonfatal injuries requiring days away from work, over 42,000 in 2015. 


4. Four Ways Cleaning Pros Can Fight Flu Season

We are in the middle of another deadly flu season. Before flu season began, we published this blog with four simple ways that cleaning pros can fight the flu. 

PathoSans Flu Season 2019

Making flu shots readily available to your employees is one way to prevent the flu.

“According to the CDC, up to 79,000 people die each year from the flu virus. Though the 2018-2019 flu season was one of ‘moderate severity,’health officials are predicting that the 2019-2020 season could be significantly more severe. For those in the cleaning industry, flu season is an opportunity to protect the lives of building occupants.” 


5. Five Steps to Creating a Summer Project Cleaning Plan: Your Roadmap for Success

At the end of spring, we published a blog about planning for summer project cleaning. Though the blog is geared towards schools and universities, it contains useful tips for anyone tackling annual cleaning projects. 

The size and scope of summer project cleaning is immense, and that’s why a good summer project cleaning and maintenance plan can be your road map to success. 


6. Carpet Cleaning with an ECA Solution in Six Steps

We created this blog about carpet cleaning with ECA solution to help people who would like to switch, but don’t yet understand the process.  

“A PathoSans system generates a carpet cleaning solution on-site using only salt, water, and electricity. The resulting solution is gentle on people and surfaces and extremely effective on carpets. Most importantly, ECA solutions leave behind no-residue, helping to prevent re-soiling and chemical buildup.”  


7. Reduce Waste with PathoSans ECA Cleaning Solutions

We published this blog about reducing waste with ECA solutions just before Earth Day 2019. If you have any resolutions to go green in 2020, this blog might be for you.  

PathoSans Single Use Plastics Reduce Waste

ECA solutions help reduce single use plastics.

As more cleaning programs move towards environmentally responsible practices like ECA solutions, everyone reaps the benefits.” 


8. FACTSHEET:the Most Dangerous Foodborne Pathogens

Like hospital-acquired infections, foodborne pathogens take an enormous toll on the public health. Also like hospital-acquired infections, in order to fight foodborne pathogens, you have to know what organisms you are working against. This blog covers the most dangerous foodborne pathogens along with basic prevention tips. 

The CDC estimates that, every year, 48 million Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne illnesses.” 


9. Touchpoint Cleaning in Childcare Facilities

Our business is addressing pathogens in facilities where infection can spread quickly, and childcare facilities might be the perfect example of thatThis blog covers touchpoint cleaning with ECA solutions in these unique environments.  

In order to protect the health and wellbeing of the children in their care, childcare providers must routinely clean touchpoints throughout their facility. ElectroChemically-Activated (ECA) cleaning solutions are the perfect match for safe, effective cleaning in childcare facilities.” 


10. Spring Cleaning? Remember the 10 Most Neglected Areas in a Building

Our Spring Cleaning blog helped professional cleaners make sure that no areas are neglected. With many facility surfaces hiding out-of-sight and out-of-mind, this checklist will raise the bar for your annual project cleaning. 

PathoSans spring cleaning 2019

ECA solutions are a perfect match for spring cleaning.

 Without a plan, areas will get missed – probably the same areas that were missed last year. Places that are never cleaned become a haven for dust and pollutants, harming the air quality of the building as a whole.” 


Those were our top 10 blogs of the last year. We hope you found something to help your day-to-day cleaning routine. Now we’re signing off for 2019. Wishing all of our readers, happy holidays and a bright new year! 

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