How to Prepare for an Outbreak of Illness


How to Prepare for an Outbreak of Illness

As some facilities welcome staff and patrons back amidst the coronavirus pandemic, facility managers are implementing new or additional health and safety measures, including enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures. If an outbreak of illness occurs in a facility, managers can take action to help stop its spread for the safety of all building occupants.

Preparing for a Potential Outbreak

To mitigate the impact of illness in your facility, it is essential to be prepared. Facility managers can better protect staff and patrons by taking the following actions:

  • Create a response plan – outline the steps the facility will take in case of an outbreak. Having detailed closing and reopening procedures ready allows you to implement them efficiently if illness arises among staff or guests. Consider the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for reopening facilities when crafting your plan. Conduct training so that workers understand the response plan.
  • Maintain an adequate supply of cleaning and disinfecting solutions – With a steady supply of cleaning and disinfecting solutions, you are ready to clean frequently and thoroughly. To generate enough solution to address the many surfaces and areas in a building that require cleaning, facility managers can create cleaner and disinfectant themselves with an on-site generation (OSG) system. The PathoSans® OSG system produces effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions on demand in large enough quantities for higher cleaning frequencies.
  • Deploy comprehensive disinfection solutions – when preparing for a potential outbreak, methods such as electrostatic sprayers can help disinfect more thoroughly. Spraying disinfectant can help employees evenly cover surfaces in solution and achieve dwell times to maximize efficacy against pathogens. In addition, choosing non-toxic and more effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions can protect employee health while killing bacteria and inactivating viruses.

Electrochemically-activated Solutions for Enhanced Disinfection

The OSG system creates two electrochemically-activated (ECA) solutions – one surface cleaner/degreaser and one sanitizer/disinfectant. Generating ECA solutions can provide benefits to facility managers implementing response protocols, including:

  • Effectiveness – managers can select proven products for effective protection against pathogens. PathoSans solutions kill 99.999% of bacteria and inactivate viruses to help limit the spread of outbreaks. They have demonstrated efficacy against viruses such as human coronavirus and other viruses more resilient to disinfection.
  • On-demand supply – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased demand for cleaning and disinfecting chemicals led to supply chain disruptions and trouble sourcing supplies. OSG mitigates the risk of running out of solutions when an outbreak occurs and they are needed most.
  • Worker safety – while cleaning and disinfecting more frequently, facility managers can avoid exposing staff and patrons to harmful pathogens and toxic conventional chemicals. ECA solutions are non-irritating to eyes and skin and don’t require additional personal protective equipment. For added assurance, check efficacy claims to make sure disinfectants combat microbes of concern.

Protecting Building Occupants and Visitors

New cleaning methods and measures can help reduce the risk that an outbreak becomes widespread. With an on-site generation system, facility managers can be confident their enhanced procedures will be effective without the adverse effects of traditional cleaning chemicals. Following the above best practices can better prepare facilities to respond in the event of an outbreak of novel coronavirus, flu or another illness.

To learn how the PathoSans on-site generation system has improved facility operations for our customers, read our case studies.

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