Hygienic Cleanliness at Northern Illinois University Athletic Center

Cleaning with PathoSans at Northern Illinois University

The Right Prescription for the Northern Illinois University Event and Athletic Center  

Northern Illinois University (NIU) in DeKalb, IL, has found the right cleaning and disinfecting prescription to help protect the health of its student athletes, and ensure hygienic cleanliness in its athletic facilities and at its events. The operations staff at the US$36 million, 10,000-seat NIU Convocation Center—hosting 200+ yearly events including commencements, concerts, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, indoor track and field, etc.—uses PathoSans ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) solutions almost exclusively to clean and disinfect athletic equipment and 215,000 sq. ft. of indoor facility space, while helping prevent:

  • Fungal infections (e.g., athlete’s foot)
  • Viral infections (e.g., herpes)
  • Bacterial infections (e.g., MRSA)Hygienic Cleanliness Northern Illinois University with PathoCide

“We started using PathoSans solutions on sports equipment, but now use them virtually everywhere—such as on the field and mats. PathoSans is effective on just about every surface we have. We’ve stopped using almost all other cleaning and disinfecting products. I would highly recommend the product; it helps to keep our student athletes healthy, lowers medical costs, and provides a big benefit to our bottom line”

-John Cheney, Senior Associate Athletic Director of Facilities & Event Operations

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