Helping Building Service Contractors (BSCs) Reopen Businesses

Effective cleaning and disinfection is more important than ever before. But, it’s just one aspect of a successful reopening. In order for business to stay open, many other challenges must be solved and your customers are turning to you for solutions to protect people and property. Partnering with PathoSans can help you deliver what your customers need and help ensure the success of your business.

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PathoSans Provides Four Layers of Protection

PathoSans Provides Four Layers of Protection

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*PathoCide® disinfectant has been proven by an independent GLP laboratory to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 60 seconds on a pre-cleaned surface and in 10 minutes in a one-step process when produced by on-site generator and used as directed.

Solve Operational Problems

  • Keep workers healthy: increased cleaning doesn’t mean increased exposure to toxic chemicals. PathoSans solutions are tough on germs but gentle on people
  • Train faster: two PathoSans solutions replace many conventional solutions and clean and disinfect nearly every surface. Workers can be trained quickly
  • Simplify cleaning & disinfection: fewer solutions means fewer mistakes and less stress for workers
  • Eliminate risk of shortages: making solutions on site and on demand eliminates the risk of running out of cleaner and disinfectant. Need more? Just make more
Daily Defense for Workers and Customers
Daily Defense Products from PathoSans

Recognize Workers & Reassure Customers with Daily Defense Program

  • Credit front line workers: acknowledge the efforts of your antimicrobial warriors charged with disinfection and keeping facilities safe
  • Humanize and personalize cleaning: tell facility users who is cleaning and when the area was last cleaned
  • Encourage personal responsibility: promote the use of personal sanitation stations
  • Educate facility users and communities: remind people of what’s being done on a daily basis to protect them from germs and dangerous chemicals

Recommit to Sustainability

  • Protect the planet: environmentally responsible approach to cleaning: PathoSans solutions are drain- and disposal-friendly
  • Reduce pollution: on-site generation eliminates the emissions associated with the transportation of chemicals
  • Eliminate wasteful product packaging: dispense solutions into buckets, cleaning equipment or refillable spray bottles. No need to dispose/recycle containers
Recommit to Sustainability from PathoSans