MIT Endicott House Eliminates Use of Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

MIT Endicott House PathoSans Case Study

MIT Endicott House Eliminates Toxic Cleaning Chemicals with PathoSans® System

The historic, beautiful MIT Endicott House conference center located just outside of Boston, MA, offers state-of the art meeting and event facilities. Known for its pristine, elegant environment, the MIT Endicott House is committed to environmental sustainability. The initiative began with composting and recycling and has now expanded into other areas of the facility, like the push to eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals.

Guest rooms, walls, carpets, kitchens and other areas in the facility are cleaned exclusively with non-toxic PathoSans system cleaners and sanitizers.

Eliminate Toxic Cleaning with PathoSans

The PathoSans system produces non-toxic, environmentally friendly solutions by electrolyzing water. The result of this process is solutions with a kill ratio in excess of 99.99%, that effectively destroy bacteria, pathogens and viruses. In addition to effective cleaning without using caustic chemicals, Endicott House is experiencing other benefits from the use of the PathoSans system:

  • Dramatically reduced expense for cleaning agents. The cost of producing PathoSans solutions is less than $.07 per gallon
  • Reduced recycling. PathoSans solution containers and spray bottles are reused; empty containers are not discarded
  • Guests and employees are in a clean, safe environment and not exposed to potentially harmful chemicals

The PathoSans system has been so effective for MIT Endicott House, the facility is looking to expand its use into laundry applications.

“We compost and recycle everything from cardboard boxes to wooden pallets and plastic bottles and now we have virtually eliminated toxic chemical cleaners and sanitizers. Plus, we want to keep everything as simple as possible, so we’d like to use the PathoSans solutions for our laundry.”

In addition to his positive experience with PathoSans solutions for overall cleaning, Fitzgerald commented on the savings the MIT Endicott House is experiencing with PathoSans.

“If you look at a 32 oz. bottle of Windex®, it probably sells for $2.99 to $4.99, depending on which store you go to. We actually spend less than a penny for the same amount of the same solution to clean glass and mirrors.”

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