Cleaning Rooted in “Healthy” San Marcos, Texas

Consolidated Independent School District Rooted Healthy San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos, Texas Consolidated Independent School District 

In the heart of Texas Hill Country lies one of the fastest growing, yet best kept secrets in the nation: a progressive gem of a city with the mindset of its big city counterparts that has retained its small-town charm.

San Marcos, Texas, is one of the coolest small towns in Texas, and is centered on the San Marcos River – fed by a crystal clear artesian spring – one of the most biologically diverse and protected ecosystems in the southwest.

This past decade the city’s growth has propelled the school district to be an educational powerhouse serving over 8,000 students on 13 campuses with 1,328,932 interior square feet and continuing to grow.

Like the towering oaks lining the San Marcos River, SMCISD’s cleaning protocols are rooted in healthy soil; a commitment to preserving the environment.
According to Robert Gutierrez, Director of Custodial Services, this ranges from an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan reducing pesticides to a thoughtful green cleaning program lowering dependence on conventional chemicals.

Green Cleaning with On-site Generation
After a rigorous testing process, Gutierrez selected the PathoSans® system for on-site generation of ElectroChemically Activated (ECA) solutions.
The PathoSans system makes two ready-to-use products with a 30-day or longer shelf life. PathoClean® is utilized for all general cleaning and PathoCide® is used for sanitizing/ disinfecting most surfaces. The PathoSans solutions are produced on-site with water, salt and electricity.

The solutions are environmentally friendly and safer for workers while matching or exceeding the performance of conventional products. And on-site generation reduces the need for product ordering, shipping, inventory, and disposal; keeping up to 95% of related packaging out of landfills.

“Since we are a ‘green’ district, shrinking our environmental footprint by reducing chemicals, offsite manufacturing and waste is one of the biggest benefits for us,” Gutierrez says. “The simplicity of PathoSans is a close second. We are cutting daily cleaning chemicals from five to two, and that will provide a significant ROI.”

Healthy Cleaning on the Ground
“It works well”, says Felipe Martinez, Lead Custodian. He tells us that worker consensus is that PathoSans cleans better without leaving residue providing a unique blend of efficacy, “Our definition of clean is the absence of odor or fragrance, and the solutions not only work but are fragrance-free,” gentleness, and user-friendliness in the field: from restrooms to floors to athletic facilities. PathoSans removes buildup so that surfaces stay cleaner, longer and are easier to keep clean.

“The restrooms smell clean and fresh, commodes are clean, and chrome is no longer green,” notes one custodian. “PathoSans makes the chrome shiny,” adds another.

PathoClean cleans a range of floors, including concrete and grouted tile.

“The product works well on our concrete hallways making them super clean,” remarks Johnny Solano, Lead Custodian. “It has even removed a chemical stain that was there for over a year. It’s picking up much more dirt from floors, especially from porous spots.”

PathoSans eliminates odor in athletic and locker areas.

“In athletic buildings, as soon as I open the doors, I now smell clean freshness instead of dirty athletes; it doesn’t smell like gym shorts and sneakers anymore. In the JV Locker Rooms, the odor is gone and it now smells clean,” says Solano.

“Our definition of clean is the absence of odor or fragrance, and the solutions not only work but are fragrance-free,” adds Gutierrez.

“You walk in the building, and wow! Surfaces are squeaky clean. Where the old product is used, there’s a film,” says Solano.

A 10-year district veteran remarks: “PathoSans has reduced my allergies. Also, when I came to the District I had very bad calluses on my hands−now, after using PathoSans, my hands are soft!”

Rooted in Healthy
SMCISD’s Custodial Services Mission is to provide quality services, striving for excellence, while improving the educational environment for the school community.

San Marcos CISD does this like the majestic trees along the namesake river, by staying rooted in a healthy environment−and using PathoSans environmentally preferable solutions.

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