Why ECA Solutions are the Perfect Match for Cleaning Park Restrooms

Keep Park Restrooms Clean with PathoSans Green Cleaning Solutions

During last winter’s government shutdown, National Parks took a huge hit. Parks stayed open without employees to care for them, and, within a matter of days, restrooms and parks were overflowing with trash and human waste. At many parks, volunteers swooped in to help care for the overwhelmed restrooms, but the absence of cleaners at these national monuments was deeply felt.

Even when parks are operating fully staffed, many people enjoying a day at a park expect less-than-impeccable restroom conditions. Thousands of visitors make keeping up with park restrooms seem like a Herculean feat, but there are ways to keep park restrooms pristine. Keep reading to see how using engineered water solutions can simplify cleaning park restrooms.

The Challenges of Cleaning Park Restrooms

Clean restrooms welcome park visitors and keep them returning with the assurance of clean, safe, accessible facilities. But keeping restrooms clean is easier said than done, especially in a park.

PathoSans park restrooms

Park restrooms come with a unique set of cleaning challenges.

Challenges of cleaning park restrooms include:

  • Budget shortages
  • Staff shortages
  • Overuse of facilities
  • Lack of running water
  • Need for environmentally friendly cleaning products

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado has over 3 million visitors per year yet is still known for their exceptionally clean facilities. Every day during the summer, a staff of 14 and numerous volunteers clean over 267 toilets, empty trash (nearly 3,000 cubic yards per year) and manage recycling. Not only that, a staff of two llamas assists employees in shoveling out solar composting toilets.

Preparing your Staff

Don’t fret if your park doesn’t have a large team of staff, volunteers, and llamas to help keep restrooms clean. There are other solutions your facility can turn to. In a recent CleanLink article, cleaning pro Mickey Crowe offers a few of the following tips for cleaning park restrooms. You can see the full list here.

Tips for cleaning park restrooms:

  • Have a vehicle (van or truck) with an electrical outlet for operating an electric pressure washer, wet vacuum cleaner and leaf blower.
  • Carry your own water and solution by using 5-gallon buddy jugs or similar containers.
  • Close one unit at a time for servicing if possible so others can be used.
  • Sweep floors (or blow) to remove as much soil and debris as possible before getting surfaces wet.
  • Work from bottom to top applying cleaner and top to bottom rinsing cleaner.
  • Use deck brush if needed to clean grime from floors
  • Dry wipe or squeegee surfaces to remove excess water and solution.
  • If necessary, use a wet vacuum cleaner system to pick up excess moisture
  • Use a spray bottle and microfiber cloth to wipe down the key touch points such as toilet seats and other flat surfaces

Meet Challenges with ECA Solutions

Whether your facility is concerned with budget, environment, or time, electrochemical activation (ECA) technology can help meet your challenges.

PathoSans ECA solutions

PathoSans engineered water solutions can simplify park restroom cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly
Using only salt, water, and electricity, ECA solutions are safer and environmentally friendly, making them a perfect fit for parks where protecting the natural environment is a top priority.

Reduce Water Usage
Surface cleaning with a PathoSans engineered water solution requires less rinsing due to the fact that PathoSans solutions leave little to no residue, making it a perfect match for parks with limited access to running water.

For parks with budgetary concerns, PathoSans electrochemically activated solutions cost as little as pennies per gallon when you generate them in your facility.

Safe and Easy to Use
Whether your staff cleans 2 toilets or 200, non-toxic PathoSans solutions are quick and easy to use, which means your staff can get in, get the job done, and get out. All while being exposed to fewer harsh chemicals.

Local, state, and national parks are an important part of any community. With proper tools and techniques, cleaning staff can keep these park restrooms safe and welcoming to all park visitors.



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